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October 16, 2016

Huntington: First Page Session

Bring your first pages for an opportunity to be critiqued by an agent and an editor (TBA). First pages will be chosen by the editor and agent – details coming soon! (more info)

Time: 2:00-4:00PM  | Location: Huntington Public Library (Long Island) | Tickets


November 7, 2016

FREE: Agents Panel

Back by popular demand, we’ve teamed up with the New School for an agents’s panel with free admission to SCBWI Members and New School students. This year’s speakers include: Linda Camacho (Prospect Agency), Susan Hawk (The Bent Agency), and Andrea Somberg (Harvey Klinger Inc.). Reserve your spot today!

Time: 6:00-8:00PM  | Location: The New School, NYC | Free! Register here for tickets


October 10, 2016

#WeNeedDiverseBooks Panel: Diverse Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Moderated by Jennifer Baker (Panel Organizer/Brand Manager, We Need Diverse Books), authors Heidi Heilig, Zoraida Cordova, and Tracey Baptiste will discuss craft, world-building, research and more in terms of building stories with fantastical elements for young readers. (more info)

Time: 7:30-9:30PM  | Location: Anthroposophical Society, NYC | Tickets

June 14, 2016

10 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Freelance Editor

You’ve made the decision or are thinking about hiring a freelance editor, but your Google search has left you with more questions than answers. This talk by freelance editors Sangeeta Mehta and Maya Rock demystifies the world of freelance editing by tackling topics such as how to interpret an editor’s credentials, how to accurately assess the needs of your own manuscript, what questions to ask a potential editor, and more. Published and unpublished authors, agents, and publishing houses make extensive use of freelance editors—should you? (more info)

Time: 7:30-9:30PM  | Location: Anthroposophical Society, NYC | Tickets

June 11, 2016

First Page Sessions: White Plains

Join Executive Vice President at Curtis Brown Ginger Knowlton and Assistant Editor at Penguin Max Bisantz as they read participant first pages aloud and give feedback in real time. Check out submission guidelines if you wish to participate. (more info)

Time: 2:00-4:00PM  | Location: First Baptist Church, White Plains | Participant Tickets SOLD OUT / Observer Tickets


May 7, 2016

Picture Books With Grace Maccarone

As Executive Editor at Holiday House, Grace Maccarone acquires 25 titles a year. She has worked with talented authors and illustrators such as Tedd Arnold, Norman Bridwell, Marcia Brown, David Catrow, Robert Coles, Steven Kellogg , ean Marzollo, Emily Arnold McCully, Faith McNulty, Kate McMullan, Jim McMullan, David McPhail, Brian Pinkney, Ted Rand, Melissa Sweet, and Walter Wick. (more info)

Time: 2:00-4:00PM  | Location: Huntington Public Library (Long Island) | Tickets


May 10, 2016

A Conversation With Rita Williams-Garcia

Rita Williams-Garcia's Newbery Honor-winning novel, One Crazy Summer, was a winner of the Coretta Scott King Author Award, a National Book Award finalist, the recipient of the Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction, and a New York Times bestseller. Join us for a q&a with one of the great voices in children's literature today. (more info)

Time: 7:30-9:30PM  | Location: Anthroposophical Society, NYC | Tickets


April 6, 2016

Social Event: SCBWI NY Metro Mixer

Please join us for the SCBWI Metro NY chapter's Metro Mixer, an informal and inspiring evening for writers, illustrators, librarians, publishing professionals, and other fans of books for children. We will have a Critique Corner, Q&A opportunities, creative prompts, door prizes and more!.

Time: 6:00-9:00PM  | The 5th & Mad Pub , 7 East 36th Street, NYC | Free!


April 12, 2016

Sketchbooks: Your Gateway to Children’s Book Production

Join Steve Light as he shares his personal sketchbooks with you and the path sketches take leading into publication. From a simple sketch to something fun that Steve wanted to draw, see how he builds these doodles into stories and how a seed of an idea is grown into a full fledged picture book.

Time: 7:30-9:30PM  | Location: Anthroposophical Society, NYC | Tickets


March 8, 2016

Balancing Work, Life, And Craft For Writers (With John M. Cusick)

Being a writer can make you crazy. How do we deal with all the contradictions, isolation, rejection, and irrational joys and sorrows of being a writer? With practical tips and tricks, as well as examples from dozens of famous writers, literary agent and writer John Cusick discusses healthy, productive techniques for combating the inner critic, utilizing envy, summoning motivation, and creating a space for one’s writer self in the world. (more info)

Time: 7:30-9:30PM  | Location: Anthroposophical Society, NYC | Tickets


February 12-14, 2016

NATIONAL: 17th Annual SCBWI Winter Conference in New York City

Join us this February in New York City for an incredible weekend with the top editors, agents, art directors, authors and illustrators in the children's publishing world. The Annual Winter Conference in New York is an excellent opportunity to learn, get inspired and network with others in the children's book industry. (more info)


February 16, 2016

Social Media Tips: Master Class With Debbie Ohi

Children's book author/illustrator Debbie Ridpath Ohi offers tips for those already familiar with social media basics. Advice will include how to use social media to create buzz for your books without spamming your followers, time management tips, and some do-s and don't-s when it comes to networking with agents, editors and art directors. (more info)

Time: 7:30-9:30PM  | Location: Anthroposophical Society, NYC | Tickets


February 20, 2016

Mirrors, Windows, & Doors: Fundamentals To Writing Diverse Fiction Authentially & Respectfully

With the growing emphasis on the importance of diverse books, it's become more important than ever to portray characters from a wide variety of backgrounds in fiction. But if you're supposed to "write what you know," how can one write convincingly from a perspective outside of your own? Associate Editor at Razorbill Tiffany Liao gives a craft-oriented approach to writing diversity as it relates to character, plot, and voice, with tips for avoiding common "blind spots" and pitfalls. (more info)

Time: 2pm-4pm | Location: Huntington Public Library, LI | Tickets


January 30, 2016

The Hero's Journey: Using Mythical Plot Structure In Writing For Children

This workshop will discuss the character archetypes and classic plot structure of myth, as identified by Joseph Campbell and other narrative theorists. We’ll look at how they’ve been successfully applied in children’s literature in the past, and how the elements of mythic structure can provide a great springboard for a variety of effective and emotionally powerful plots. We will explore the hero’s journey through structured writing prompts and investigation into how classic forms have best been adapted in today’s market. Writers will ideally leave with an expanded toolkit and a new set of pathways they might explore in their own work. (more info)

Time: 1:00-4:00PM  | Location: Chelsea Studios, NYC | Tickets


January 12, 2016

There And Back Again – An Agent's Tale: Joanna Volpe

Just like the Fellowship needed different skill sets to ensure Frodo's passage into Mordor, an author needs a similar team behind them, starting with their agent. An agent is your manager, your liaison, your first industry reader, your negotiator, your cheerleader and your advisor. So when they sign a client, it's (hopefully) for the long, long journey–not just a quick trip to the Green Dragon. This takes strategic planning, long-term goal setting, a lot of patience and perseverance, and a thick skin. Join Joanna Volpe as she shares her experiences on the different roads her YA authors have traveled. (more info)

Time: 7:30-9:30PM  | Location: Anthroposophical Society, NYC | Tickets


January 9, 2016

Scrivener For Beginners Workshop

Want to learn what all the Scrivener fuss is about? This word-processing program designed for writers allows you to organize drafts, chapters, notes, research, outlines, and inspiration in one place. Its unique design includes a virtual corkboard and index cards that you can save for every draft. Writer and SCBWI member Ghenet Myrthil will demonstrate the ins and outs of this program to Scrivener newbies in a hands-on tutorial. (more info)

Time: 1:30-4pm | Location: First Baptist Church Of White Plains | Tickets